How to Grow Banana Trees

How to Grow Banana TreesBananas are a tropical / subtropical plant which grows best under warm conditions. Frost will generaly kill the leaves and temperatures in the mid 20 will kill the plant back to ground level. In colder areas where bananas such as basjoo can be grown as an ornamental, dying back each year and resprouting in the spring. Banana grows in a wide variety of soils, so long as the soil is deep and has good internal drainage. When growing bananas in poorly drained soils raised beds can utilized. When choosing a site the three things to keep in mind are wind protection cold weather, (if possible) and full sun. The warmest location in the home landscape is near the south or southeast side of a house. Bananas are heavy feeders we recommend that you fertilize each time that you water during the main growing season. When planted in the ground bananas require almost constant soil moisture. bananas require full sun  Approx. 12 hours of bright light are ideal for most varieties. The difference between 8 hours of direct light and 12 hours of direct light can be measured in feet height at the end of the growing season. Bananas prefer Constant warmth the ideal night temperature would be 67 F. The day temperatures would be in the 80s. bananas also prefer high humidity, 50% or greater is desirable. In arid climates automated misting will suffice.
When container growing bananas be sure to let the soil dry out slightly between waterings. This will reduce pathogens. One last thing Bananas prefer the company or shelter of other bananas. In nature they are produced in banana stands. That's the most overlooked aspect by home growers... Stick to these rules and fruit is sure to follow.


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